Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump is the heart of the fuel supply system in a vehicle. It must provide maximum performance and reliability in every phase of operation. On low-cost products, the materials and workmanship are often of low quality.By contrast, Asimco fuel pumps are subjected to a rigorous series of tests and are optimized for use in specific vehicle types. Choose maximum reliability and performance – with fuel pumps from Asimco. State-of-the-art technology for maximum customer satisfactionFor workshops and dealers there are many excellent reasons for choosing Asimco. Low-quality fuel pumps do not guarantee safety for drivers, and a vehicle fire is one of the risks involved. Asimco quality stands for precise performance, fault-free operation and a long service life. Original-equipment quality provides reliabilityFuel pumps from Asimco are developed specifically for particular vehicle types. It’s not for nothing that numerous vehicle manufacturers worldwide rely on Asimco quality – quality that unbranded fuel pumps simply cannot match.Practical tests demonstrate that a low-cost electric fuel pump (right) is destroyed by storage in a test fuel at 70 °C. The Asimco fuel pump (left) shows no adverse effects at all after the same test.


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