Brake Fluids

A brake system has to be fully operational and its brake fluid plays a crucial role. It transfers the pedal force created by the driver onto the wheel brake. The heat generated while braking also affects the brake fluid, which can only transfer power to the wheels in its liquid state; that is, at a temperature below the boiling point. Temperatures above the boiling point form vapor bubbles in the system, resulting in brake failure. In addition, the brake fluid serves as a lubricant of all movable parts and prevents corrosion. At the same time it has to be compatible with rubber seals and hoses. This allows braking systems to achieve long service and optimal performance. Dot 3: Mostly for older vehicles Dot 4: High boiling point for maximum safety Asimco brake fluids not only meet the requirements of the automotive industry; they also exceed the strict international quality standards* for brake safety.
  • All DOT brake fluids are suitable for every hydraulic brake system
  • Vehicles filled with DOT 3 cannot be mixed with other DOT fluids
* In accordance with the FMVSS 116, SAE J 1073 and ISO 4925 standards The quality and safety factor of a brake fluid is defined by its boiling point, which should be as high as possible. Asimco brake fluids exceed these standards. Their wet and dry boiling points are higher. That way, your customers are always on the safe side.
Features and Benefits:
  • Consistent and steady brake pressure response throughout the entire service life
  • Optimal viscosity – even during extremely cold and hot conditions
  • Maximum protection against vapor formation
  • Corrosion protection and lubrication with high-grade additives
  • No corrosion of rubber parts if using identical DOT specification
  • Original equipment quality
  • Approved for all car manufacturers
  • Secure plastic containers for longer service durability and storage
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Asimco brake fluids with their wide thermal application range exceed the DOT standards


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