Corporate Social Responsibility

ASIMCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a mission for its sustainable operation; it is a profound commitment to the enduring and harmonious development of society. Our responsibility extends beyond customers, partners, employees, and shareholders to encompass the sustainable progress of society, the environment, and essential resources. ASIMCO diligently focuses on continuous value creation, ensuring a future that aligns with the harmonious and sustainable development of the planet we call home.


Pioneering the well-being of automotive communities worldwide, setting new standards in sustainable initiatives for lasting positive impacts.

Safety First

As a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of "safety parts," our unwavering commitment to ensuring "safety" stands as the paramount objective in fulfilling our social responsibility.

Environment Friendly

Embracing the green business philosophy, our commitment is to actively champion sustainable development, striving to maximize our efforts in promoting environmental responsibility.

Energy Saving

Adopting a strategic approach focused on "maximizing resource benefits throughout the entire process," ensuring efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

Mutual Growth

Encouraging the synergistic utilization of resources, cultivate shared value, and collectively achieve common objectives for sustainable growth.

ASIMCO Cares: Pioneering Well-Being for Automotive Communities Worldwide

At ASIMCO, we take great pride in our distinguished legacy of over two decades in the manufacturing of brake products, steadfastly prioritizing safety as the cornerstone of our operations. The remarkable journey we’ve undertaken towards success has been made possible through the unwavering support of our dedicated stakeholders, particularly the hardworking mechanics who rely on and advocate for our products daily.

In a demonstration of our enduring commitment to corporate social responsibility and gratitude towards our esteemed partners, we established ASIMCO Cares Health Outreach program. This initiative is designed to promote the well-being of the automotive community, specifically targeting auto mechanics and retailers. Launched initially at the ASPAMDA Auto market in Lagos, Nigeria, this program offers complimentary health screenings encompassing eye, ear, blood pressure, and blood sugar tests.

As we embark on this impactful journey, it is our vision to extend the ASIMCO Cares Health Outreach program beyond borders. Our commitment to the welfare of those who contribute to our shared success will resonate not only in Nigeria but also in various countries across the globe. This initiative marks the beginning of a sustained effort to foster a culture of holistic well-being for years to come, exemplifying ASIMCO’s dedication to making a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve.
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