Asimco Eyes Global Expansion

ASIMCO’s global marketing expansion gains positive momentum through its forays into African markets. This comes in the wake of unprecedented growth potential in the continent. The roll-out of the expansion is driven from its hub in Kenya and implemented through A-MAP’s widespread presence in the region.

ASIMCO’s concentration in Africa is in response to the rising demand for auto parts and accessories in the continent. The region reports a growth rate of 11% year-on-year and is expected to be worth $15.3 billion by 2020. This highly motivating double-digit demand for parts is led by countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, according to industry analyst Frost & Sullivan.

ASIMCO needs no introduction in the automobile trade. It is undoubtedly one of the leading players in brake products in the global automotive aftermarket being distributed regionally by Al-Muqarram Auto Spare Parts Trading [A-MAP]. The aggressive global marketing plan is geared towards reinforcing its market reach across the world.

The potential of the African automotive aftermarket is immense considering that there are over 22 million vehicles on the continent’s roads to date. Hence the demand for auto accessories and engine components such as bearings, brake pads, spark plugs and filters are massive. ASIMCO’s hub is Kenya and the re-export base in the UAE are both vital strategic moves that will influence major growth in the years to come.

Running parallel to the growing product portfolio will be a series of exhibitions in 2017 designed to raise awareness and reinforce the ASIMCO brand. The exhibitions cover a vast geographical area including countries such as China, Russia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates.

A-MAP’s partnership with ASIMCO is a solid and long-term one with plans to expand its market presence across various markets, from the UAE to Africa and beyond. This is an enduring endeavor that will see ASIMCO consolidate its market leadership and brand awareness across the world, supported by its iconic product range.


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