Shock Absorbers

Asimco Range of Shock Absorbers:

Twin-Tube Shock Absorbers
Asimco Twin-tube Shock absorbers gives a satin-smooth ride plus the better response only gas shocks can deliver. They have a hardened chrome plated piston rod, multi-lip oil seal, rebound and compression valves, seamless end eye-ring and/or high quality pistion ring and/or high quality rubber bushings. The selected quality materials and state-of-the-art, technology for designing and manufacturing ensure Asimco Twin-tube Shock absorbers providing customers with stable, comfortable and safe driving experience at all road conditions.
Strut Cartridge Shock Absorbers
Asimco shock absorbers can ensure achieving the double functions of the struts and cartridges, they are manufactured with high quality and high mechanical properties materials to ensure the high performance and dimensional robustness. The Nitrogen Gas charged struts and cartridges are developed with advanced technology and will provide struts and will provide you excellent road control and superior steering experience. The pressurized gas prevents air bubbling in the hydraulic fluid and vacuum in the working cylinder which provides smoother fluid flow.
Shock With Spring Seat Shock Absorbers
This kind of shock absorbers integrates many features that give you the benefits of excellent road control and the superb handing response. Together with fully self-adjusting valves and hardened chrome plated piston rod, the selected quality materials and constructional features minimize breakage and leadage, our shock absorbers meet the most demanding driver’s satisfaction. The pressurized gas charged shock absorbers provide the driver even better riding experience as the charged Nitrogen gas reduces the aeration or foaming inside and optimizes the performance and durability.
Features and Benefits:
  • Reduce braking distance
  • Limit tyre wear
  • Increase road holding
  • Reduce deterioration of other suspension components
  • Maintain comfort


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