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Over Two Decades of Distinction, Encompassing Over 80 Countries, and the Legacy Continues

ASIMCO has earned an outstanding reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products. ASIMCO has meticulously crafted an extensive range of brake components, including brake pads, brake shoes, disc rotors, fuel pumps, brake fluids, horns, and shock absorbers. ASIMCO’s unwavering dedication to quality has been a driving force behind its substantial growth in market share, with products now being sold in over 80 countries.
Premium brake products provider


ASIMCO is committed to providing high-quality products and offers an extensive range of brake pads, brake shoes, disc rotors, shock absorbers, and fuel pumps. Our reliable and long-lasting products give drivers a seamless experience throughout their journey. Tested for every road condition, ASIMCO’s products are pinnacles of trust for most high-end vehicles.

Corporate SOCIAL RESPONSIbility


Pioneering the well-being of automotive communities worldwide, setting new standards in sustainable initiatives for lasting positive impacts.

Safety First

As a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of "safety parts," our unwavering commitment to ensuring "safety" stands as the paramount objective in fulfilling our social responsibility.

Environment Friendly

Embracing the green business philosophy, our commitment is to actively champion sustainable development, striving to maximize our efforts in promoting environmental responsibility.

Energy Saving

Adopting a strategic approach focused on "maximizing resource benefits throughout the entire process," ensuring efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

Mutual Growth

Encouraging the synergistic utilization of resources, cultivate shared value, and collectively achieve common objectives for sustainable growth.


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